Some Stuff About Me

Hi there! My name is Andree Louissaint, and I am UX designer with a passion for crafting beautiful and intuitive designs. I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, which has equipped me with a deep understanding of how people think, behave, and interact with technology. Alongside my psychology studies, I have studied UX and UI design principles and computer science, giving me a unique perspective and skill set in the field of UX design and research.

I have honed my skills during these past few years. I am always looking to expand my knowledge and skill set in the field, which is why I am excited to pursue a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction starting in Spring of 2024. I am constantly exploring new design trends and technologies, and I pride myself on my ability to create innovative and effective designs that truly resonate with users. I am thrilled to bring skills and passion to organizations and individuals, and I look forward to collaborating with others to deliver exceptional user experiences that drive engagement and success.

When I'm not working on design projects, you can find me exploring new recipes in the kitchen. I love spending time trying new recipes, working with different ingredients, flavor combinations, and adding my unique touches to them. I find this not only help recharge my creativity, but contantly gives me problem-solving skills and reminds me to pay attention to details. I also enjoy traveling as I find that the experiences often inspire my design work. They keep me up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging technologies, and helps me experience different cultures, ways of thinking and ways of life. All of these hobbies and interests feed into my design work. By exploring new flavors, cultures, and experiences, I'm constantly learning and growing I believe that they help me to approach each project with a fresh perspective and creative edge.